We specialize in Microsoft technologies, particularly ASP.Net and SQL Server along with experties in Oracle and MySql. We are partners of Microsoft,Oracle and IBM. Our flagship product, CBACE for core banking has been developed in ASP.Net with Oracle as database. Websites are also developed with ASP.Net and both SQL Server and MySql as databases.

CB-ACE (Ace Core Banking)

Core Banking Solution, in conformance with Reserve Bank of India norms and Co-operative Banking requirements.

10 years in production the solution assures to offer unique technology experience in banking. 

Combination of World's top notch database - Oracle at the back-end and .Net frame work and XML at presentation and data exchange levels, takes banking automation to new heights.

Blood Bank Management System

State of the art Blood Bank Management Software which stores and retrive every single details of standard blood bank operations. Data of donors, blood units collected, blood donation camps, camp organizers, blood products/components, test results, patients, donation history, reaction history , cross match process, accounts etc. can be systematically recorded and retrieved from this system very efficiently

Browser enabled user friendly interface and standard RDBMS makes the system a unique expience nd bliss. With the help of internet or dedicated connectivity , blood donation camps can be directly linked with the production database.

 Donation campain , MIS reporting, Accounts, Marketing, Procurement, Quality management, Interfacing with other equipments , Bar coded interface etc. are seamlessly integrated in the solution.

TER-RA (Textile Enterprise Resources for Ready Access)

“Ter-ra”, a web based application which runs across any standard browsers irrespective of platforms and operating systems, Manages a typical textile weaving enterprise with many smaller units which houses administration, accounts, sales, purchase etc. spread across a wider geography, Technological advancements, made it possible for Information and communication Technology to handle business priorities precisely and quickly.

As the enterprise spread across a wide geography, swift resource monitoring and consolidation has to adopt a technology solution, which apart from collecting data, should have the capability to process the information ,share it across firms and help the entrepreneur to make wiser informed decisions. Also stereotype repeated laborious activities can be minimized and human resource can be deployed to augment the production activities in a smarter way.

FMPS-Files Monitoring &Processing System

Web application designed to track land related activities of Gujarat government Revenue department. Files being moved physically across tables and departments in district collectorates and other revenue offices ,it was a headache to know the status. By using FMPS a great level of transparency and accountability of internal processes were acheived. This application shoots messages,alerts ,notifications and emails to applicants and relevant higherups of the department ,so that flow of files reached top gear mode. Aging wise analysis of pendency of files, administrative dahboards, CM dash board data supply are the attractions of the solution. Gujarati language User Interface made the application a hot favourite of revenue department users. Gujarat government revenue department has processed more than 5,00,000 files as of today.